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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Vandalism in Wikipedia

There is the recent mega city modernisation scheme of govt of India
- Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).
Recently, there was a news in all of media on Kochi being included
in JNNURM as the only million plus city of state. Thiruvananthapuram
was also in it, for it being the state capital. This has driven chill in the spine
(heavens knows why) of some fringe gang from Thiruvananthapuram.
All they can do is to spread rumours and conspiracy theories to "prove"
that Thiruvananthapuram is the largest city of Kerala - some sort of
complex of inferiority, that despite being the capital this place is always
behind Kochi on every count (except, of course, the number of govt
employees). There seems to be a latent fear that the capital status of
Thiruvananthapuram would be recognized as ill-deserved one by large
number of people in Kerala and outside. There is certainly this understanding
among Keralaites for decades, but nobody certainly have any crazy idea of
shifting capital to "a more suitable" place, at least in the near future.
But fringe, being what it is, always moves based on paranoic impulses.

Such an impulsive response from this lunatic fringe is what we see in
this episode of Vandalising Wikipedia. We hope Wikipedia will take note of
this grossly incongruent manipulations by these guys.

Who manipulates Wikipedia

The following is a screen shot of what you get if you search for
Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum in Wikipedia. The fun
is when you click on the link at the end of second para. The claim
in the last sentence that the place has "1.3 million" population
is disproved by the link cited by the author him/herself - screenshot
of which is given in the second picture below. It says population of
Trivandrum is One million. Probably the
author of this claims begot 300,000 new citizens before s/he made
the claim.

Who is the vandalWhodunnit ???
Will be answered here soon, watch out for it :)

Screenshot of Wiki Thiruvananthapuram page.

Screen shot of cited page